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Born A Queen turned 3 today!
Today marks ‘Born A Queen’ (aQueensRoyalty) blogs third birthday and I couldn’t feel more fulfilled. 3Years active since October 1st, 2011 - this day has really caught me by surprise.
First and foremost thank you to those of you who have been rockin’ and rollin’, rebloggin’ and growin’ with me since day 1, I see you and sincerely appreciate you. To my fairly new and newest, Welcome. Thank You for choosing ‘Born A Queen’ Blog and I hope you stick around to witness, not only the beauty but maturity of this blog. To the blogs that I follow and/or have reblogg’d from, that have assisted in making this possible, thank you and keep doing your thing! This here can only work if we work cohesively as a team.
I know within the past few months I’ve been slacking with the post but I can reassure that I am online, liking and saving post to present for a later date. With day / night school, hustlin’ / job hunting and castings / shows, I am a busy Queen. Making my dreams reality, I’m sure you all know how it goes, Power Moves.
With every birthday there is growth and sufficient opportunity for more, so with that being written, I would like to reestablish an earlier aspect to this here blog. Earlier on I used to post my favorite garments and shoes from retails stores I used to visit and write a paragraph size entry on my opinions (my fashion side), I slowed down, then completely stopped because it was so time consuming. With the same scope, I am revisiting that place. I will write my ideas and thoughts about whichever topic I feel intriguing.  - All while staying true to the Black Excellence / Black Beauty / Black Love / Black Errthang theme. Feel free to ask questions, leave feedback or start a convo. 
& Last but certainly not least, Thank You to those of you who have written me with such beautiful, uplifting and inspiring words, it is greatly appreciated. It always puts a smile on my face and encourages me to persevere. Bless Up

<3 Love, Queen
'Crowns On, Heads High'






& sometimes they save you the thinkpiece and just say it out of their own mouths lol

and i see no lies



yo al sharpton actually has a point

I always thought that’s Di Blasio was so against stop & frisk when he was running. Honestly, everything remains to be seen at this point.

Lemme do you a favor
Meet Commissioner Bill Bratton proponent of quality of life crimes, most notably as a pusher of the "Broken Windows Theory"
In his first tenure as NYPD Commish, Bratton was responsible for enabling and pushing many of Giuliani’s efforts to "clean up the city" in ways that increased the targeted surveillance and policing of communities of color.
Considering he’s the reason the NY Transit cops are now NYPD, we can thank him for the criminalization of subway dancers (aka, Black and Latin@ youth)
"Bratton, the former head of the Boston, New York, and Los Angeles police departments, was invited to speak at the conference about “data-driven policing.” Also called “predictive policing,” today it is a widely-discussed big data example, building on a new approach to policing which Bratton has played a leading role in its development and implementation over the last two decades."
DiBlasio knew exactly who he hired. Bratton is Ray Kelly with better PR. There’s nothing which “remains to be seen”
As for DiBlasio….Well, he just proves that white parents of non-white children can’t be trusted

You may not have heard this, but Omari Hardwick is an Alpha…
And we’re linking you to yet another Brother Omari Hardwick story.  This one is from…
"Feel inspired by your own existence."

Dae Lee (via freespiritfly)

Know that your life has purposeful meaning.

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People of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia, Hans Silvester


Yaya Deng

Colors of India