Born A Queen


+Common & Kanye West Want To Create 15,000 Jobs For Chicago Youth Over The Next 5 Years

Whites are drawn to Black culture because of the extraordinary quality of it, our aesthetic, our style. We set the styles. We are the trendsetters of America. America is known globally for its culture, which is Black.

They want to look like us, but they don’t want to be us. They don’t want to live in our skin. It’s kind of a cultural voyeurism. It allows white people to safely tour Blackness without being subjected to the reality of being Black.


Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Jet Magazine Jun 25, 2001

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Mother Hale. One of Harlem’s finest. #harlemite

American Bison by Evan Animals

Our Melanin is Rich. We are Black Kings and Queens. Royalty is in our DNA. It is Empowering when you Realize that you can do anything because we have done it before… SanCopha!

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So Dope I Love Everything about Egypt 

Now only if I knew what it said. Not knowing saddens me a lil’

Ethiopian boy with belt of locusts.
National Geographic | August 1969

Naomi Campbell in “The Heat Of The Moment” / Photographed By Ellen von Unwerth / For Vogue US March 1998